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Telis Giannena

Nowadays that mass production and industrial products have overwhelmed the world, handmade tools are rare to find. Our workshop, with years of experience and tradition at metallurgy art, continues to produce handmade tools according to the secrets of old craftsmanship.

The workshop Telis Giannena has been active in the handcrafted tool construction market, over 80 years. It was founded in 1933 by Aristotle Pittenis. Aristotle, the “Telis” Vlachos from Samarini, settled in Ioannina and opened his workshop on Zappa Street, where many iron workers already existed.

He started as a knife maker, then began to build a wide range of tools, for agriculture and livestock farming. He became known not only in the wider region of Epirus but also in the rest of Greece for the famous, handmade sheep and goat hand shears and his excellent handmade knives and pocket knifes.

From a very young age, his first son Adamantios was engaged in his workshop, learning the secrets of metallurgy art as little kid. Adamantios was the successor of the workshop. With his experience and knowledge managed to take the business one step further, by linking past with future generations of metallurgy. He laid the foundations on which we continue as the third generation of handmade tools producers. Nowadays we manage to produce a wide range of old and new cutting tools of great excellence, based on metallurgy
art and tradition.

Handmade Tools

Combining experience and tradition, with scientific instruments and technology, we manufacture handmade tools certified by reliable laboratory instruments. In our workshop we have a Rockwell scale analogue hardness meter, which accurately certifies the hardness of each object, so we can assure the quality.

Handmade knives

Love of metal sculpting, following our family workshop for three generations, has prompted us to the creation of the new ADAMU series cutting blades. This series is dedicated to the successor of our workshop, Adamantio Piteni, who relayed the baton of creation from his father and handed it to us, giving us the knowledge to create modern handmade products based on tradition


Our workshop undertakes the sharpening and reconstruction of old sheep hand shears and sheep shears machines heads, from all over Greece. The sharpening is done by hand on specialized machines, so that the best possible result is achieved. We also undertake the maintenance of all kinds of chef ́s and cooking knives.